America Keeps Her Commitments- A Post War Promise

Collage Sally Edelstein "Ambassador of Peace "

Once upon a time, but not that long ago, America was the world’s peacekeeper. We stood at the apex of power, united as a country, and our commitment to our Allies absolute. Our word was our bond.

For those too young to remember, this is not a fairy tale. This was the American Way for 70 years.

Our current foreign policy is totally foreign to me.

As it apparently is to Defense Secretary James Mattis who resigned a day after Trump’s surprise plan to withdraw troops from Syria, livid at what he views as a betrayal  of the Kurds who had allied with the U.S. and now must fend for themselves.

Once upon a time we treated our allies with respect.

“One core belief I have always held is that our strength as a nation is inextricably linked to the strength of our unique and comprehensive system of alliances and partnerships,” Mattis  wrote in his resignation letter.

While the U.S. remains the indispensable nation in the free world, we cannot protect our interests or serve that role effectively without maintaining strong alliances and showing respect to those allies.

The retired four star general didn’t hide his feelings concerning Trump’s dangerous departure from U.S. foreign policy that has been our bedrock since the end of  WWII.

America World PeaceKeeper

vintage illustration soldier army US

Victorious after WWII, America saw itself as the model for the world and American Dreams were to become global ones. They said it couldn’t be done yet we had just been victorious on opposite ends of the globe.

America had come out of the war as the only major industrial power not severely damaged, the richest country on earth.

painting immugrant mother and children

After the war much of the world was economically shattered, returning home to cities that were often just rubble of broken bricks and smoldering wood, the desolate shell of a former city not yet done burning.

In our country, our economy was booming and there wasn’t a single building demolished by bombs, a brick displaced, or window broken and the only geographical scar was the one we ourselves had made on the empty deserts of New Mexico.

Uncle Sam became a hands-on uncle globetrotting around the post war world with assurance as we assumed our rightful place as peacekeeper and policeman to the world.

If the world was broken we could fix it and like Humpty Dumpty put it back together again.

Peace is Americas Most Important Business

illustration Uncle Sam policeman America Policeman

(L) Detail of Collage by Sally Edelstein (R) Vintage Ad Republic Steel 1951

With our sparkling Pepsodent smiles Americans would meet our obligations to the free world – spreading democracy and offering a helping hand to people all around the globe – a Coke in every refrigerator and a Chevy in every garage.

As the world’s policeman we would protect the underdog from the big bullies and keep them safe. Yes sir, when there is a wrong to right, like Mighty Mouse, Uncle Sam will join the fight!

We Like Ike

military recruiting ads illustration soldiers General Eisenhower photo

Vintage Post War Recruiting Posters Us Army
(L) 1946 Ad with General Eisenhower for the US Army “Guardian of Victory” (R) 1951 Vintage Ad Us Army and US air Force Recruiting Station “Wear the uniform known around the world as the mark of a Man”

But it was important to safeguard the hard-won victory of the war and that meant building up our peace keeping force of soldiers. A massive campaign was launched to recruit  men to join the new army and U.S. Air Force whose motto was “peace is Americas most important business!”

By our victory, we have won the respect of the world,” wrote General Dwight Eisenhower former Supreme Commander of the Army and hero of WWII in one recruiting ad. “We can lose that respect and with it our influence toward a just and peaceful world order, if we reduce our military forces  to the point where they become week or ineffective.

Ambassador of Peace

vintage recruiting ad US Army illustration soldier

“Your Army and Your Air Force Serve the Nation and Mankind in War and Peace

A popular ad that ran in 1948 appointed the American soldier as Ambassador of Peace, whose task simply put was to help the nations of the world in their efforts to balance the peace of the world at a time when too many people have despaired of peace. inviting the reader to be his companion in arms.

 On his broad young shoulders rests a burden that few Americans in history have been called upon to bear.” the ad begins. “His task is to help the nations in their efforts to balance the peace of the world at a time when too many people have despaired of peace.

He accepts his mission soberly but with pride. To him, as to every young man who has courage love of country and a belief in Democratic ideals the present world situation is a challenge. And he has met it squarely by putting on a uniform.

American soldiers don’t have to swagger to command respect. Though their numbers may be few their friendly presence in key spots around the globe inspire confidence in millions of people who are troubled and uncertain.

Soldier or Airman he is a true Ambassador of Peace.

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  1. Pierre Lagacé

    Abandoning the Kurds should not affect his ratings among his base, and Republican lawmakers’ support.
    We are witnessning the ugliest part of party partisanhip.

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  2. That is the 64,000 dollar question

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