Donald’s Fourth of July Parade

Little Donnie sees a parade

What a big day for Little Donnie

He will have a parade, too.

He will have a children’s parade.

On July Fourth.


Donnie saw a parade.

Donnie wants big toys in his parade.

Big shiny toys.

Shine, Donnie shine


This is Donnie’s big parade.

What is Donnie in the parade?

Is Donnie a sailor?

Is Donnie a soldier?

No silly.

Donnie knows just how to dress for the big parade.

Donnie is a clown.

Silly, Donnie.



  1. Chris Chilson

    Happy Independence Day! The parade’s cost at the W/H is now approaching $100 million.


  2. Once upon a time, Uncle Sam called on all boys from military school to join his armed forces.
    The boys all enlisted in the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines.
    All except Little Donnie, who had an owie in his foot.
    So Little Donnie’s daddy paid a doctor to write a note to Uncle Sam.
    The note said “Dear Uncle Sam. Donnie’s foot hurts and he can’t join your Armed Forces.
    Little Donnie smiled because he felt safe.


  3. He does a chin thrust business that brings to mind Benito Mussolini and a hand gesture (index finger touching his thumb) that is a vulgar gesture in Germany, Brazil and some Mediterranean countries. Both are very distracting to me, and it was difficult watching the whole speech.

    There was one part in the speech where he encouraged the young to enlist in the military, noting good would come of it.The irony was lost on him, I guess. As a veteran hearing this, I gave the television hand gesture of my own that is deemed to be vulgar.


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