Jeffrey Epstein’s Sordid Secret

Donald Trumps, Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein’s sordid secret is out.

The  secret fraternity of entitled, powerful, and moneyed men is no longer a secret.

This rarefied world is rotting from the head down. Everything about this sex scandal is putrid. A noxious odor is wafting down from the very highest places of our society causing all decent people to gag.

Luring underage girls for the sexual pleasure of the rich and famous is more than lurid. It is heinous. Anyone who did not object to this predator, who participated in any way must be held accountable.

Epstein was long protected by his wealth and well-positioned friends.

The power of these men is staggering- but so is their behavior.

Far from being ostracized, these titans of business, finance , politics, academia  and royalty continued to socialize on Epstein’s jets and at his opulent mansions, partying with a pedophile even after the billionaire predator was a designated sex offender.

Privileged Male Entitlement

The culture of privileged male entitlement begins early in elite  frat houses in ivy-covered colleges reaching its pinnacle with these so called Masters of the Universe whose motto seems to be, “If you’re rich you can do anything. Grab them by the pussy.”

Epstein exemplified the kind of corruption, self-interest and total disregard for the suffering of others. Girls, like women, are fair game for men to pursue, mere objects of pleasure to be discarded with nary a thought of consequence or harm. This elite, sordid society protect their own and the systemic injustices allow even the most vile abuses to evade legal consequences.

We may hold our noses at the stench, but we must keep our eyes open to ensure justice is finally served.

Without that, it’s just plain lurid and we are culpable too.



  1. very sad if such personality can be a role model, !!!
    a beautiful good day, I wish you – wish the beautiful friday and weekend. so nice, thanks.


  2. Absolutely sickening. Well-written as always, Sally.

    Liked by 1 person

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