American Carnage Again and Again

Uncle Sam need to get off his knees and take action. Prayers are not a political policy. El Paso and Dayton join the much too long list of mass shootings in recent American history and as usual Congressional lawmakers alike rushed to send out their “thoughts and prayers” but continue to fail to act to end gun violence. Collage by Sally Edelstein


Saying prayers is not enough. Again.

Our Congressional leaders need to get up off their knees and do something about gun violence and ban assault rifles.

Offering prayers but failing to act to end gun violence make their prayers ring hollow.

We need to take meaningful legislative action that truly brings meaning to our prayers and make a consequential difference in the lives of Americans.

Here We Go Again

The routines are numbingly familiar by now.

Every time a mass shooting happens, lawmakers immediately offer “thoughts and prayers” as they have done after the all too many instances of gun violence, yet they continue to not support gun control legislation that could actually prevent future mass shootings.


It’s as simple as  ABC, or more precisely,  NRA.

Off With Their Heads

vintage illustration mens heads mounted on walls over fireplace with guns

My prayers are with you… my votes with the NRA

Many of these politicians have collected hefty campaign donations from the influential and well-funded gun lobby.

These same politicians who greedily accept gun lobby money are quick with their condolences after the mass shootings but when it comes to gun laws they cool their heels.

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy, a critic of Congressional inaction on gun violence  tweeted after the San Bernardino tragedy:

“Your thoughts should be about steps to take to stop the carnage. Your prayers should be for forgiveness if you do nothing again.”

Those are my thoughts. Now lets pray that this time something gets done.

Once again, enough is enough.



  1. It is terrifying that we seem to be running out of words to describe our dismay that these killings are now everyday occurrences. The truth is, words aren’t enough. Congress needs to act. Now. State legislatures need to step up as well. Now. Far greater issues regarding race and ethnicity must be faced. Now. We cannot remain silent.

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    • After each tragedy, we seem to react as though this is the tipping point and there has to be change. With these shootings coming fast and furious there has to be some action. Now is the operative word.


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