The Fantasy of False Charges

Nixon headline watergate

“Fake charges.  Another fantasy to hurt Republicans,” spews an American President. “Total witchhunt”blasts anotherr.


Richard Nixon thought it, but  Donald Trump tweeted it out in bold type.

Gaslighting the American people didn’t work in 1973 for Richard Nixon and its no going to work now as Trump tries to squeak out of this mess. In an attempt to confuse and disorient us, Trump is angrily spouting alternative facts, lies and total fabrication.

Nothing to see here folks, just keep moving…

But in the end, reality adds up.

It’s really as simple as A, B,and C…Conspiracy + Collusion,+ Cover Up= Crime.




  1. The latest is the most brazen example of his hubris. “I’m president so I can do anything I want to and get away with it.” I’m looking forward to the day his wardrobe is full of orange jumpsuits. Fortunately (?), since many of his transgressions are within the jurisdiction of New York authorities, those crimes can’t be pardoned by a President (ugh!) Pence or some future president.

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  2. Chris Chilson

    Sally, history does repeat itself.

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