I Dreamed I Was a Pilgim in My Carter Briefs


vintage illustration boy and man in underwear dressed as Pilgrim and Indian

Braving the cold of Massachusetts,  the Pilgrim and young brave prepare for their first Thanksgiving. Vintage ad Carter’s Trigs for Men

I Dreamed I was a Pilgim in my Carter Briefs.

With equal portions of sheer silliness and questionable taste, this ad serves up a heaping helping of Thanksgiving cheer. Nothing comes between them and their turkey but a pair of Carters.

In a nod to Maidenform’s famous “I Dreamed I Was A ..” campaign depicting a woman in an improbable situation wearing only a bra, Carter’s Trig’s underwear for men put the menfolk in their skivvies off to their first Thanksgiving.

No Puritans these Pilgrims,  this gun-totin’ paleface hunter, and his young Indian sidekick, wear only Carters Trigs as they hunt together for their day of thanksgiving.  Despite the obvious camaraderie shared by the Pilgrim and the young brave on their hunt, we are reminded of the constant danger and savagery of the Redman, by the ever-present arrows in the Pilgrims hat.

Joining them in their hunt is a  turkey too.

Note to the Pilgrim housewife- careful to remove the long johns on the Turkey before you cook it.



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