Trump Uses the Bully Pulpit to Bully

Trump as Bully

Donald Trump’s take on the meaning of Bully Pulpit is twisted.

This President uses his Bully Pulpit to…well, actually bully.

Is he just a dunce who takes things too literally?

Or is he just a bully?

Teddy Roosvelt and Donald Trump

The term Bully Pulpit was coined by our 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt.

It was his way of saying the presidency was a matchless opportunity to raise consciousness and ethics regarding important issues of the day. He felt he “could use the presidency as a bully pulpit to bring out the best in civic life.”

Whereas TR often used the word Bully ( a popular phrase at the time) as an adjective meaning excellent, Trump has his own re-definition of  Teddy Roosevelt’s ideal.  He uses it literally.

Bullying itself seems to be Trump’s only agenda.

Roosevelt understood that a modern president could reach the country with high minded ideals through public speeches and command of the press.

Trump spars on twitter, mocking, abusing, taunting  and browbeating.

Collage bully sticking braids in inkwell and Trump and Thunberg

On Thursday the President of the U.S tried to dip Greta Thunberg’s pigtails in the inkwell but this smart, passionate teen shot back mocking him. Trump called her choice as TIME’s Person of the Year “ridiculous.”

Now he is bullying a teenage girl. On Thursday he tried to dip 16-year-old Greta Thunberg’s pigtails in the inkwell by tweeting out a mocking comment.

Like any schoolyard bully.

Donald Trump and Teddy Rooesvelt

William Safire called Roosevelt’s Bully Pulpit “the active use of the president’s prestige and high visibility to inspire or moralize.”

Think about that.

The most powerful person in the country -the President of the United States- on twitter bullying a girl. Roosevelt knew the power of the presidency and knew it gave the occupant an exceptional opportunity to instruct or inspire.

Trump  uses it to “Bully.”

The President of the United States sent out a tweet to his 60 plus million followers mocking a 16-year-old girl with Aspergers.

He has shown no qualms about bullying anyone. He has mocked reporters with physical disabilities, mocked women and men for their looks, taunted and teased allies, why not a 16 years old girl who has inspired millions as a climate change activist?


Because he can’t bear to be bested. “Be Best” was his motto long before his enabler Melania co-opted it for her non-existent anti-cyberbullying program.

He must “Be Best.”


Fake News

TIME COvers Person of the Year Greta Thunberg and Trumps Fake TIME Cover

Fake News. An Ego driven fake cover of TIME magazine (R) was hung in 5 of Donald Trump’s clubs. (L) The Power of Truth- TIME Magazine Person of the Year 2019 Greta Thunberg

For decades Trump has lusted after a TIME magazine cover. It was the Gold Standard for him of importance. He likes visible signs that he’s tops.

So when a 16-year-old Swedish girl was named TIME Person of the Year 2019, chosen over Donald Trump himself a nominee,  it was just too much to bear. A girl with Aspergers, no less! Think of that


Doctored TIME's Person of the Year and child drawing of TRump

Trumps altered mockup of the TIME Person of the Year Cover was likely inspired by the Toddler in Chiefs own angry scribblings

Without a hint of irony  of the pot calling the kettle black, Trump suggested in his tweet that Greta  should work on her “anger management problem.” The anger rumbling through the halls of the White House after this embarrassment was palpable. His team got to work to manage it.

Later that day, Trump’s 2020 re-election team proudly tweeted out a photoshopped cover of TIME’s Person of the Year with Dear Leader’s bloviated, ego-soaked head superimposed on Greta Thunberg’s tiny body.

You can bet this childish idea was inspired by toddler Donnie’s angry scribblings done in the Oval Office.

Enough is Enough

Donald Trump

Imagine your own daughter being bullied by an adult. A man who is the President of the United States, the single most powerful man on earth.

You would call the authorities.

That’s what Congress is doing now. It’s high time to knock this Bully off his Bully Pulpit.

He is a Dunce.


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  1. Beth Feldman

    We are struggling through a shameful devastating presidency today. How twisted indeed! Thank you for the history lesson! Your blog(s) should be in wider circulation!

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