Love in the Time of the Coronavirus

author at the beach with her dog

File this under Love in the time of the Coronavirus

My cabin fever finally broke this afternoon, as the draw of fresh air,  water and sunshine drew me to my local beach. The small secluded Long Island beach was dotted with other restless sheltering in place suburbanites all seated the requisite 6 feet from one another in their last year’s Tommy Bahama aluminum beach chairs. Even the parking lot filled with parked cars followed the 6-foot rule as Toyotas and Hondas warily kept their distance.

It was sheer joy to breathe in the clean fresh air and to watch my sequestered dog Stanley romp in his element. The simple joy of a fresh stick to chew on, some sand to roll in, and some bracing water to swim in ( yes my lab is part Polar Bear) were all it took to make him blissful.

But it was the sight of a shapely, blonde female that caught his attention.

Out of the corner of his eye, he suddenly spotted a fetching young, blonde, female lab.  Her name was Roxy!

At a year old, she was the May to my Stanley’s December. But love knows no age and they exchanged glances racing at one another. It was love at first sight. No 6-foot rule for them as they gleefully and exuberantly played with one another with puppy-like abandon. Suddenly my couch potato dog was a strapping young stud.

Watching this love connection was an absolute joy.

When it came time to leave, Stanley genuinely looked downtrodden, whimpered and cried pulling at his leash, to turn back, looking over his shoulder for one more glance at Roxy.

Stanley was in love.

Being outdoors in the fresh air with sparkling water and sun, we all were.



  1. Love knows no boundaries.

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  2. Laura B

    This is wonderful! Stanley is such a sweetie bear. He really cheered me up.


    • Stanley has long kept me afloat. At those moments of deep despair he has kept me from drowning. Our beloved furry friends are now more vital than ever as we shelter alone. The love connections so profound in an ordinary time, is extraordinary in this anything but ordinary time.


  3. I’m glad you all had such a lovely time. Stanley looks like a doll.


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