Puppy Love in the Time of the Coronavirus Part II


Labrador Retriever swimming at the beach

Today’s installment of Puppy Love in the Time of the Corona Virus, the Saga of Stanley my lovelorn lab.

Like all of us, my dog Stanley has been suffering from acute cabin fever. Although he loves his pack, his interactions with his own kind have screeched to a halt so he looks forward, as do I, to our regular excursions to the small local beach where he might encounter another dog.

Today in his never-ending quest for love, Stanley swam across an inlet to the opposite shore from where I stood, all because he spotted a cute cocker spaniel across the sea. Despite my protestations to come back, he plunged into the brisk water, fought the strong currents which were no challenge to my senior dog. Not when it comes to romance. His heart may have been full of anticipation, mine was beating with fear of his ability to return.

Would I have to swim across to retrieve my Labrador Retriever?

Arriving safely on the other shore he meandered around a bit till he found the little blonde spaniel and her two bemused owners. No 6-foot rule for him, he went in for an immediate sniff. But alas, she was no Roxie, his canine infatuation of last week. This was no love connection. She gave him an uninterested sniff and went on her way.

Dejected but still with a vigorous wag of his tail, he swam safely back to my shore. He shook off his rejection as vigorously as he shook off the water and gratefully took the treat I had waiting for him.

A true romantic he was just following his heart. Even if it didn’t work out.  As one who has followed that path for much of my life, I know there is no other way. Even in the time of Corona. Especially now. When we are so restricted and longing for human interaction, how thrilling to watch as someone who can follow their instincts with abandon.


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  1. Pierre Lagacé

    Precious moment Sally.


  2. Beatrice

    Such a sweet entry. Thanks for a little cheer.


  3. I’m glad you didn’t have to fetch him back.
    Take care of yourself…
    Love, light, and glitter


  4. Thank you for brightening up my morning with this story.


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