Nurses- America’s Heroes

WWII Army Nurse Illustration

I have to sing praises to our incredible health care professionals.

The other day I was tested for COVID at our local drive-through testing center. The nurses and the PA’s who took care of me through an open car window were nothing short of exceptional.

Though I have not received my test results yet, I did receive a very caring phone call from an RN at the hospital where I had my test. She wanted to check up on how I was feeling, patiently went over my symptoms, compassionately offered suggestions and support.

She spoke as though she had all the time in the world, which in the midst of this crises I know she doesn’t. She ended by offering me her phone number to call if the symptoms got worse or I was concerned. A promise to call me tomorrow was met with heartfelt appreciation.

Although she was exceptionally kind, I like to think this nurse was the norm and not the exception.

These folks putting their lives on the line are angels.




  1. I agree. I live in New York City, and the nurses and doctors have been so instrumental in getting us through this virus.

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