Choking on Our Civil Rights Again

Police Brutality- An American Tradition (L) iconic image by photojournalist Danny Lynn immortalizing one of high school student Taylor Washington’s numerous arrests in the 1960s. (2) Eric Garner the NYC chokehold victim who died in 2014 while police attempted to arrest him for allegedly selling loose cigarettes. Photo NY Daily News. (3) With knees to his neck, a Minneapolis Police officer choke George Floyd  on Memorial Day

I can’t breathe. It is happening yet again. And on Memorial Day.

Police Brutality is an American tradition perpetrated on African Americans the year-round.

With echos of Eric Garner, Minneapolis Police Officer Derik Chauvin kneeled on an unarmed and handcuffed African American man’s neck for over 8 minutes while he cried “I can’t breathe.” The man, George Floyd died in police custody.

Police brutality and African Americans -something old, something new, something borrowed….something definitely blue.

When can we expect this tragic American tradition to change? …don’t hold your breath!







  1. Just the look on his face while in the blue, like he’s totally inconvenienced or annoyed by the people taking the pictures and telling him to stop. I’m too scared to look for any video, I’d probably throw up. Why? Why? Why?

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  2. The video is very disturbing. The single image tells you all you need to know.


  3. I have no words, only fury.


  4. We ask the same question. Why?


  5. When you are the suspect in a CRIME and the police arrive because someone called them you do what the police say, especially if you are innocent, obey and conform to their authority and do not resist just because you are black.Ypu do not argue, you do not swear at them and you do not call them Racist Pigs. If you do then you are asking them to use thier authority in the fullest extent. Obey laws and you will not be a victim of the police.


  6. Alan Speer

    How about, Black resistance to police authority causes escalation of the investigation. Continued resistance causes increase in the fear of Police responding and ultimately ends in tragedy. Do not resist, do not disobey police commands and do not antagonize the officer responding to a CRIMINAL complaint.


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