Kamala Will Pummel Pence

Kamala Harris Action Figure and Mike Pence.

Mike Pence is going to need plenty o’ Jesus Bandages after Kamala pummels him tonight in the debates!

Kamala is ready for action!

Is it possible it’s only been a week since the first presidential debacle/debate? Like most, I am still reeling and recovering from the chaos of that unprecedented experience. Frankly, I’m still bruised.

But the feeling of dread I felt leading up to that debate pitting an erratic dirty fighter like  Donald Trump against decent Joe Biden has today been replaced with an anticipatory feeling of excitement. If comments on social media are any indication, the last debate seemed to require a great deal of alcohol to dull the senses just to get through it. Tonight may require a more celebratory toast.

Kamala Harris is a fighter who will come out swinging. She has left congressional witnesses bloodied after tearing into them in senate hearings.

Unflappable Mike Pence better watch out, Kamala is poised to land a bruising punch or two.








  1. Pierre Lagacé

    Let’s get ready to rumble…

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  2. Senator Harris is lucky to have you in her corner, Sally. Unquestionably she is the most facile and formidable of the four debaters. Pay attention, Mr. President. Kamala will demonstrate a style of reality TV you can’t fathom that will make undecided voters reflect and respond – not recoil and retch.

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    • This is such a historical debate, something one normally doesn’t use to describe a VP debate. Not only is it a black female candidate, but the sitting president has a deadly virus, the country is in the grips of a pandemic, violence in the streets, massive employment, and a supreme court justice seat is open.


  3. Too bad “Mother” will have to stay with the audience and can’t stand between him and Kamala. She’s just 12 feet away–what will he do??!!!


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