A Vote For Biden!

Joe Biden hugging Kamala Harris

I just discovered a Biden voter in of all places right in my own backyard. This was truly so out of the blue.

A possible, please let it be a good omen.

I’ve spent the day feeling as anxious as if I were expecting biopsy results. Unable to concentrate, I decided to go outside and clear some deadwood off my property. It seemed just the right type of activity for this Election Day.

Biden Harris Sign

I am always a bit hesitant to appear in front of my house on Election Day as I am a blue dot on a red street filled with Trumpers. Suddenly I saw my next-door neighbor approaching and I felt a sense of dread.

We got into a discussion and being a good citizen I asked if she had voted and she said yes. In fact there had been no wait and there were no voters at the polls. She commented she was concerned about mailing in her vote and not being counted.

I knew well enough not to engage this lifelong Republican in who she voted for.

But she started talking about the utter dread she was feeling if the election went a certain way. I of course commiserated despite knowing we were on different sides. I distracted myself with raking when I heard her mention Trump.

I gulped and asked if she was for him.

She was suddenly taken aback and asked me with eyes wide open if I was for Trump.  Laughing at the question I answered absolutely not. Did she not know she was living next door to a liberal progressive?

And then to my surprise, she mentioned she and her husband just voted for Joe Biden. They absolutely despise Donald Trump.

I was shocked but thrilled and once I opened that can of worms I couldn’t get her to stop yapping about how awful Trump has been. It may have been COVID that finally pushed her over the edge, but it was not the only thing.

In 2016 their house was full of Trump lawn signs. So, right now I am feeling very hopeful.

Reinvigorated, I’m going back to disposing of the dead debris. Let’s hope the votes reflect the same thing.



  1. Jeff Tamarkin

    I love this! If only millions more in the swing states could see what they saw.

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    • She is so representative of the classic red neighbors I am surrounded with and those in neighboring towns of LI that are Trump strongholds. If she is turning, there may well be many many others. She also comes from working-class roots and she mentioned she has friends in Atlantic City who apparently worked doing construction at Trump casino and were stiffed. This enraged her. Although I guess not enough to not vote for him in 2016.

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  2. What a wonderful portent! Keep your head in the light. A new day is dawning.

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  3. Pierre Lagacé

    Off topics although I like this thread…

    What’s your comfort food?


  4. What a joyous post! Thank you, Sally.

    I too have been outside today, ripping up the cold, limp, spent, useless and defeated patio-bordering hosta and lily. Decayed by fall’s rush of change, rotten deep to its roots, the bitter remains rest tonight in the refuse bin. Beds purged, native, revived and nourishing soil awaits new life and our certain hope of brighter seasons ahead.

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  5. Nick

    IMHO, I think both men should be made run three times round the White House. The first man back to the start point after three turns becomes the next President. That way not only would it be a real ‘Presidential Race’ but all the hundreds of millions of dollars provided by powerful lobbyists and spent by both sides in shouting each other down in pointless populist point-scoring debates could be spent instead on helping out America’s poorest (who both these guys claim to want to help). It would also open the way for a poor (but reasonably fit and healthy) person to one day live the American Dream and become President.

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