At Long Last, A Happy New Year

Melania and Jill Biden coats

For the first time in four years, I feel not only a glimmer of hope for the coming new year but the beginning of healing. Hallelujah!

In 2021 the adults are coming to help us heal.

To restore, regenerate, and rebuild our democracy. To revive our identity as Americans after four long years in a toxic wasteland that has depleted and damaged us. To restore our humanity that has been so soiled and left in tatters so as to be unrecognizable.

To save us from the phony billionaire who morally bankrupted our nation.

That glimmer of hope took seed in November. For the first time in four years, empathy and decency were as much on the presidential platform as health care, civil rights, and racial justice. We the people chose humanity over callousness, order over chaos, truth over lies.

After four years goodness over evil finally won.

I believe Jill Biden when she promises that we can heal as a nation as one heals a broken family. That is something she and Joe know first-hand. They are the right people for the exact right moment in history.


2020 Tragedy

Now more than ever we need a healer. We are desperately broken. Our country and its people are shattered. We are splintered. A nation so hungry for decency we have been morally malnourished. Fed a steady diet of lies by a long time grifter we are famished for truth.

We’ve been sucker-punched one too many times, knocked down by a world-class abuser. Weakened by the double punch of a lying narcissistic president and a deadly pandemic has proved lethal.

As a nation, we are gripped by ferocious fears for our physical, economic, and emotional health. Hopelessness spread as rapidly as the wildfires that consumed the west and seemed just as difficult to contain. Hunkering down in our own solitary confinement, the yearnings for normalcy that have plagued us these past few years only deepened.

Joe Biden and Kamal Harris Hug

The thought of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris at the helm has allowed me to see there still is grace in the world. There are leaders who extoll kindness who promise truth who seem to have our interest at heart. And it is not a mirage created after four long years wandering in the spiritual desert.  It is the truth.

For the first time in 4 years, I can say Happy New Year and really mean it!


© Sally Edelstein and Envisioning The American Dream, 2020.




  1. Sally, happy New Year. Be safe. A Canadian blogging friend noted there are parties planned there for January 20 to celebrate the new US president – again this in Canada. I noted I am certain there are other celebrations planned around the world. The response to this comment was clever – we will all try to remember in the future, where we were when the lights came back on? Keith

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    • Happy New Year to you too Keith. That’s a wonderful thought about recalling where we were when the lights came back on. I believe they used that expression during WWII and it is every bit as apt today.


  2. Pierre Lagacé

    I wish you all the best for 2021.

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  3. Beth Feldman

    Tears reading tears of joy & relief! A beautifully written touching essay.

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    • Thank you Beth. How remarkable that on this final day of 2020, we can be hopeful despite all the challenges that lay in front of us. If the election had turned out differently, what a different feeling we would be experiencing today.


  4. Often in history, periods of great strife occur simultaneously with rays of hope. Never has this been more true than in 2020. Amidst this dastardly pandemic, the American electorate has chosen humanity, empathy and democracy over entitlement, falsehoods and just plain evil. But our jobs didn’t stop when we cast a ballot. We must all work together, with our new administration to make the American Dream a reality for all people. Only then will we be able to look back on 2020 as having borne the seeds of success. Happy New Year!

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  5. I still hold my breath until the 20th at noon. I know there is no way for the Trump coup to work, but I still want the build up till the inauguration to end, then I look forward to learning if he is charged by NY under the RICO Act or just tax charges.

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