The Deadly Reality of Denial

Anti Mask Protesters Florida and Calif Wildfires

Our country feels like it is burning out of control.

Aflame with inflammatory rhetoric there are those strongly questioning the usefulness of masks and vaccines during a dangerous pandemic, while others scoff at the reality of climate change.

In both cases the deadly accelerant used is denial.

Fueled by foolish politicians and hazardous misinformation, it is a combustible situation.

While record-breaking wildfires burned out of control in California, irate parents in Broward County, Florida were burning COVID 19 prevention masks in protest in the name of freedom.

In late July, 20 anti maskers gathered in the Broward County School Board headquarters in Ft Lauderdale setting masks on fire. Videos of the protests showed a protestor dousing a tray full of masks with lighter fluid before setting it on fire with a lighter. A protestor can be heard on the video saying, “It is time to cast off this symbol of tyranny, this symbol of child abuse- we will not stand for it anymore.”

When it comes to crying child abuse, they are living in an Alice in Wonderland world as a disproportionate number of children are being infected with the virus.

Up in Smoke

It feels as though common sense has gone up in smoke.

And we are all getting burned.

We are living in a toxic environment brought on by the damage created by science deniers.

Denying science is not only dangerous it is deadly business.


The harm caused by both COVID anti-vaxxers and climate change skeptics cannot be disputed. And they are playing from the same playbook.

The strategies used to dismiss threats of climate change and the Coronavirus are the same. Deny the problem, deny the severity of the problem and complain about the freedoms that are threatened. People are having a meltdown over a mandate to wearing masks, disputing the safety efficacy of the vaccine, in the same way, climate deniers have done for decades.

Our environment, our planet is under threat. The world is experiencing extreme weather and global suffering has grown owing to inaction to climate change.

The far-off future is we worried about for our grandchildren is here now. Catastrophe doesn’t just loom in the future. The damage from climate change is already here. As is a COVID 19.

And now we are asking the little children to suffer.

As the Dixie wildfires ravaged Northern California and the highly contagious Delta Variant is spreading like wildfire along with vaccine skepticism, children’s hospitals are now swamped with new cases.

A selfish disregard for the consequences of their actions, and a disregard for science is burning our country as we know it to the ground.

Be careful what you wish for.

For deniers, “Live free or die” may very well come home to roost.

Just don’t take the rest of us with you in the process.



  1. Sally, the first picture would be comical if it were not so sad. I feel for that little girl. This decision to not be vaccinated or wear masks impacts the health of others.

    I wrote this on another post a few minutes ago about someone who said getting a vaccine or wearing a mask is an infringement on their rights.

    Think of smoking cigarettes indoors. Eventually, they were restricted indoors to certain sections. Then, that was insufficient for public health, so the practice was banned indoors. Some employers went further to ban them from their premises.

    Smokers knew intuitively the dangers they were imposing on others, so while perturbed, they begrudgingly went along with it.

    Getting vaccinated and wearing a mask are not a freedom issues, they are public safety issues. As for employers, they can require either as long as they do not unfairly discriminate in who they require vaccines and masks. It is akin to requiring testing for job applicants or uniforms – if they only tested or require uniforms for certain ethnic groups, that would be unfairly discriminatory.

    People can choose not to like something, just as the smokers did, but it does not mean they are entitled to get their way. Keith

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  2. Pierre Lagacé

    The comparaison with smoking is spot on.


  3. Pierre Lagacé

    Remember when some people had signs with “Covid-19 is a hoax”.


  4. Its funny I’m planning a post for Monday about that very topic the sacrificers the greatest generation made during the war and afterward.


  5. A video on YouTube from August 11th has more dislikes than likes. I watched it on Facebook yesterday and it had 22 million views where millions liked it with a few dislikes. I feel is fits in with Keith’s response. Arnold Schwarzenegger states “with freedom comes responsibility…”


  6. Hello. I liked the post. I believe these phony save-the-children folks are suffering from a form of “mass psychosis”. They are selfish and only think of themselves. No empathy at all. They turn from the truth of evidence that is not to their taste. [I got that last part from Gustave Le Bon {crowd psychology expert}.]


  7. I think i like the post.


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