Guilty of White Privilege

Justified shooting….or no justice at all?

The verdict is in – Kyle Rittenhouse is found not guilty. Our justice system on the other hand is guilty on all counts of white privilege.

Kyle Rittenhouse says he went to provide medical support that he wasn’t qualified to give while brandishing an AR-15 he was not allowed to carry in a state he did not live in.

Then he killed 2 people. Injured another.

Now he walks away.

Tamir Rice was a 12-year-old black boy carrying a toy gun when he was perceived as a Black man carrying a gun in an open-carry state of Ohio.  He was shot and killed by police.

If this verdict doesn’t shout white privilege nothing does.

My tears for our country are real, unlike the crocodile ones shed by Kyle Rittenhouse.




  1. Sadly true. Sadly true.


  2. That’s so terrible. I genuinely thought we would all be smart by the time I got to be this age–prayers for all

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  3. He will never escape the verdict of people who realize this little slimeball murdered two people and wounded one when he was acting as an out-of-state vigilante armed with a lethal weapon he was too young to own. His mother, too, is guilty of contributing to his delinquency by buying the weapon to arm him! She is as guilty as he of these murders, if only as an accomplice. Seeing her on television, I don’t think she realizes how wrong her contributions to these deaths was. I hope the two of them end up being sued by the families on civil charges. Murderers should never be let free!

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    • His mother should have been tried as an accomplice, by purchasing this lethal weapon and enabling him in his actions. They likely will be sued in a civil case but those usually take years. For now Rittenhouse is the poster boy for the NRA and the right and is being feted by them. It is all truly sickening.

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  4. Sally, the Rittenhouse verdict reminds me of the George Zimmerman verdict when he followed and killed Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman was told by the 911 dispatcher NOT to follow Martin. Rittenhouse went armed for bear and three people end up dead.

    When you look for trouble, do not be surprised when you find it. In both circumstances, people are dead because of what I would observe is the minimal charge of “reckless endangerment.” If Rittenhouse stayed home, those people would not be dead. Keith


    • That the charge of reckless endangerment was not even an option as a chargeis ludicrous. This was a travesty, and our country is so divided about this it is frightening.


      • Sally, I think that was an oversight on both trials. The jury could have easily found both men guilty of that minimal charge, even though they were guilty of more. Keith


  5. The right-wing factions in America will use this punk as their hero for fascist ideology. How soon will he be hired by the Proud Boyz or the Three Percenters (and the rest of their ilk) in their recruitment drives?

    So now I guess underaged teenage white boys will be able to get away with murder with illegally obtained weapons. 😠

    This makes me sick & tired.


  6. dolphinwrite

    A young man goes to his father’s neighborhood (As far as I’m concerned, he could have gone anywhere to help.), wanting to help and be a positive example. He did help. He encouraged. And elements of “the mob” went after him, for being a decent person, and he defended himself, as we all should. That’s what happened. ***I think people who are against him are very afraid, perhaps have been afraid most of their lives, and have difficulty seeing someone honest and brave, perhaps, and I say perhaps, because they’ve lost that in themselves. Perhaps.


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