The American Stench

There is a Stench In America

Something is rotten in America. And it stinks!

The stink the rancid Republicans continue to make over abortion rights is simply foul.

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor wonders whether our court will survive the stench of overturning Roe v Wade.

The fact is, there has been a noxious stench that has permeated America the past several years. It is intolerable. It is rampant and has fouled the very air we breathe.

It is the result of a rank, insidious and lethal infection.

There is a virus in America. Of that, there can be no argument. A contagion multiplying, embedded so deeply in our nation no amount of soap and water can wash it away. It is causing a stench so foul, no face mask can contain it, no immunization to ward it off.

Ignorance. Fear. Hate.

In reflection, our immune system was vulnerable. We became complacent. Weakened as a society we were susceptible to an outside infection which allowed us to be contaminated by the deadliest virus our country has ever known. Not the Coronavirus, but the toxins that a poisonous Donald Trump has dangerously spread like Typhoid Mary.

The stench coming from the rotting corrosion of our core values is breathing the very life out of our democracy.

The American century, it has been widely reported, has expired, passing fitfully in its slumber.

Opportunistic Bug

Trump’s infectious venom of hate, xenophobia, and pathological lies unleashed the hatred, violence, and ignorance that has long lived in our country. Like the Epstein Barr virus, this venom in our system has lived there dormant, quietly waiting its time to reactivate.  Being the opportunistic bug he is, Trump pounced, infecting us all. Like a virus, the hate has multiplied.

New evidence appears that Trump debated Joe Biden while he was aware that he tested positive for COVID. Talk about odorous.

Trump and his toxic administration befouled what our great country once stood for. His legacy continues to destroy.

The bright and shiny post-war country left to us by the greatest generation is now deeply tarnished, the dark layers of filth, ignorance, and rancor so widespread it feels unrecognizable.

Our country has more than lost its luster. Deeply divided, it is decaying in plain sight.


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  1. Sadly true. And coldly frightening. Trump now is campaigning for state legislative candidates and Secretary of State candidates running on the promise they will overturn “rigged” Democratic election wins. Which would be the case any time a Republican loses. Talk about stench…

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  2. Sally, it has never been a surprise to me that the last former president would continue to his untruthful, bullying, and hate mongering schtick, as that is what he has done most of his life. What has surprised me is the number of sycophants who have rationalized his behavior and tried to white wash as if it did not happen. And, frustratingly many know they are covering for him.

    The other thing that has surprised me is what conservative pundit David Brooks called “equal parts incompetence and chaos” in the Trump White House. I had read before he was elected that Trump is not as good a manager as he is a marketer per financial reporters, but this level of incompetence surprised me. The best example is the first travel ban that was so awful and unvetted, untested and uncommunicated, that it was pulled within two days. Then there are the multiple hundreds of thousands more Americans who died needlessly because of his hoax calling and denial on COVID.


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    • I too am gobsmacked that Trump has not diminished a bit in his popularity and the incredible whitewashing that has occurred. His total mismanagement is no surprise to those of us who saw what a complete failure he was as a businessman knowing how poorly run his operations were. He was a joke.Thanks to Mark Burnett for creating that fantasy. Trumps onlyskill is as a first rate con artist and grifter.

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