Like Father, Like Son? Tale of the Juniors

Oh, the heavy burden of carrying a legendary name.

When it comes to Juniors with famous monikers, a Kennedy is currently running neck and neck with a Trump for the title as a world-class looney toon and embarrassment to a family.

Sometimes the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Sometimes it falls and rolls into an entirely different grove. And if that original tree bears nothing but bad apples, what can you expect when they turn out rotten?

Rotting Fruit


Rotten to the core, Donald Trump Jr. never fails to disappoint, an eternal source of cringeworthy stupidity.

Circulating online this past weekend was Don Jr.’s bizarro video commenting on President Biden where Jr. appeared clownish, sloppy, slurring his words. His crazytown rant against Biden: “Joe Biden is what stands between us and nuclear-capable China” sounded even more deranged and coked-up than normal.

That’s saying a lot. Is he feeling the mounting pressure or just freefalling after freebasing?

Even if this sour apple did not fall far from the rotting tree he came from, Don Jr. has never been the apple of his father’s eye. Even before Jr. was born, Trump Sr. tried to distance himself from this as yet born buffoon. Famously he said he didn’t want to name Don Jr after himself  asking “What if he’s a loser?”

But since all of Trump’s progeny are in fact losers, Don Jr.’s idiocy is in keeping with the family brand.

The same can’t be said for Robert Kennedy Junior.

The Kennedy brand was gold. This bruised apple rolled far from the fertile orchard he was born into.

The namesake son of an iconic liberal senator and presidential candidate, and nephew of a President of the united states, this Jr. continually embarrasses himself with far-fetched conspiracy theories and doubting science, tarnishing that hallowed name with his own brand of delusional anti vaxxer rants.

This past Sunday at a “Defeat the Mandates” rally against vaccine mandates in Washington, DC, Bobby Jr. suggested that Ann Frank had a better shot escaping Nazis than folks do under COVID mandates today likening vaccine policies in the U.S. to the actions of a totalitarian state

RFK Jr. said that in the future “none of us can run and none of us can hide” because of Bill Gates’ satellites and also 5G, unlike… the Holocaust. “Even in Hitler’s Germany, you could hide in the attic like Anne Frank did.”

Bobby Jr. may radiate Kennedy confidence and share his father’s toothy grin but any resemblance stops there. Trying to follow in his father’s noble and just footsteps, RFK Jr. has continually fumbled.

His anti vaxxing misinformation message is so off-brand.

While the Kennedys have maintained a liberal to progressive brand over the years, Jr. shares common cause with such unhinged extremists and anti-democratic figure as Alex Jones.  The famous anti-vaxxer is not only harming the underprivileged people his father championed, he is also harming his family legacy with his dangerous misinformation.





  1. Sally, names only go so far. Even Junior’s father had an interesting history with his. While the father of the former president was alive, he would not let his son sign anything. There is a story of union contract, where several pages were signed for a construction deal, but one page was missed. The former president was still there, but the father had just left. They had to run down the stairs to get the father to come back in sign the last page.

    The former president likes to brag that his father gave him a $1 million loan to get started. That is not even close to accurate – it has been reported through extensive research that the father passed along over $400 million tax free through various means to the former president before he died. I think of all of this as the perception of The Donald is a self-made man, but that is not true, nor is it true for his sons.

    As for the Kennedy’s, while some accomplished great things – we should not forget Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s founding of the Special Olympics or JFK’s embrace of the Civil Rights, Peace Corps, space mission – there are many peccadillos in their past, beginning with the clan’s father, who advocated against the US getting into WWII, plus other things. JFK’s infidelities did not help him and then there is the name Ted Kennedy and Chappaquidick.

    Those names can be helpful, but they come with other baggage. Keith


    • I purposely did not go into the history of both families but was focusing exclusively on namesakes and the fact of both being lambasted in the news simultaneously. The Kennedys certainly have their share of scandals and questionable behaviors.

      There is a long history of sons not living up to their fathers’ names. For every John Quincy Adams who made his father proud, there was a John Tyler Jr, the third of President John Tylers 8 kids who was a constant embarrassment to his father. As a married man, Jr famously made a pass at a woman who would have become his father’s second wife. ( something Don Jr might do himself) Tyler Sr ended up firing Jr who was his personal secretary at the time.


  2. Your line about the bruised apple was fantastic. I am still laughing.


  3. DJTJr.’s sideshow is getting old. He’s like the guy in the tux in center of the pro wrestling arena. His only skill is roaring into the sycophant crowd and trying them to think the show is something other than totally fake.

    Kennedy’s family must want to hide him in a closet.


  4. Having known RFK Jr. for several decades I wondered what happened to him. He did good work with the Waterkeeper Alliance and about two maybe three years ago he went off the cliff. It’s almost as though he went mad. All the work he did for environmental groups may be forever lost.

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    • His work with for the Hudson and the environment was exemplary. I had friends who were friendly with him that reported he was always a bit off personally, but in the past years he has sadly gone off the rails. His sister kerry came out yesterday in denouncing his stance about vaccinations and the Holocaust. Despite his apology, the damage is done I fear.


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