We Weep For Ukraine

War What is it Good For War, what is it good for? Absolutely bloody nothing!

A brutal dictator threatens to invade one of his neighbors he claims is a threat to his country.

He also asserts his county has a historical right to the other nations’ territories which was stolen from him.

That was Hitler’s justification.

Now it is Putins.

Toxic masculinity is killing us. Literally.



One comment

  1. Sally, I read over 1,700 Russians were arrested among the thousands of anti-war protestors in 53 cities across the country. Putin will not tolerate dissent as he does what he wants to do. An autocrat does not care about the impact on the regular folks who pay the price. The best definition of disinformation is to pee on someone’s head and tell them it is raining. Putin is peeing on Ukrainians and average Russians alike. People are dying because of this person’s ego-maniacal push to reconstitute the USSR. Keith


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