Our Developed Nation is Developmentally Challenged

Is America a developed nation or a nation with developmental disabilities?

A deadly mass shooting.


A White Supremacist armed with an AR-15 and hate.


Angry masses protesting in the streets to Save Abortion Rights.


As I drank my second cup of coffee this morning, the news was droning on in the background as I digested the events of just the last 24 hours. I picked up the Sunday NY Times with its startling front-page headline in bold type “One Million -A Nations Immeasurable Grief” about the unthinkable toll the pandemic has taken.

A pandemic on the uptick.


“ More Americans have died in the pandemic now,” the copy reads  “than in 2 decades of car crashes or on battlefields in all of the countrys wars combined- a death rate higher than in almost any other wealthy nation.”

Yes, America is an exceptional country.

Exceptional among all the other developed nations. Exceptional in that we fail to learn. Exceptional in the number of needless deaths – from mass shootings, from science deniers, and religious zealots.

Our country is the textbook definition of developmental disabilities. It has problems with intellectual functioning, an inability to learn, reason, and problem solve.

America is impaired.


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  1. It was announced this morning in my city Edmonton, Alberta that 11 of 1000 people with Covid-19 were sent home. It never did leave us did it? Thanks for the reminders.


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