Only in America

Only in America

Nineteen parents in Texas sent their precious children off to school yesterday never thinking they would not share dinner together that evening. Or another birthday, another Christmas. That their child would never come home again. Ever.

America has failed its children.


We are heartbroken. We are horrified. We are enraged.


Only in America.

Only in America, do we ban our books but not our guns.

Of one thing I am certain. If there are no changes to gun policy, mass shootings will happen.


And again.



  1. TurtleWorks

    As a father of young children, this breaks my heart..I cannot imagine the loss and suffering of the parents undergoing this incredible hurt. As my adopted Bubbleh would say”Enough!!!” Love your writing. Really big hugs.


  2. Sally, our friend Scottie includes a video from NBA basketball coach Steve Kerr as he provides an emotional plea for action at a press conference. It is six minutes long, but you get the gist in ninety seconds. Keith


  3. I have heard his remarkable impassioned response and it is so powerful.

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