Marjorie Taylor Greene Touts Christian Nationalism

I am a domestic terrorist.

So is my rabbi. My 76-year-old husband is a terrorist as well.  According to Marjorie Taylor Greene so is everyone who sits at my Passover seder table.

We are Jews.

In God we trust. Just not the right one.

Speaking during a broadcast of MTG: Live, a streaming show Greene shares on her social media pages, the Republican congresswoman spoke in favor of Christian nationalism declaring that anyone who opposes it is a domestic terrorist.

Spreading lies, deception, and hate this Georgia peach may be delusional and dimwitted but she is dangerous. In fact, she is rotten to the core. She is not a rogue kook spouting these thoughts on Twitter.

She is a sitting member of Congress.

Green has said that Christian nationalism is nothing to fear, it is a “good thing” and is the only thing that can stop school shootings, crime, and sexual immorality.

“We should be proud of an American First Nationalism” she declared.  It is a great thing that will Save America.

We’ve Been Here Before

Christian Nationalism is not benign.

It is not new. It has a long history. It is being revived.

It is dangerous, and a threat to the bedrock American values of religious freedom and separation of church and state.

“Christian  nationalism” she insists is not “something to be scared of.”

I am not afraid of Christian Nationalism. I am sickened by it.




  1. In the south, we would say “bless her heart” about someone who said or did something that was not the best of moves. Up north, the same reference would be “God love her.” Take your pick. Keith

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