Freeing Myself From Independence Day This Year

Sally Edelstein

Once upon a time, I looked forward to celebrating July 4th.

Wearing a cardboard Uncle Sam hat, and waving the stars and stripes as I waited greedily for the next hot off-the-grill All-American hot dog, I felt proud to be an American.

Once upon a time, I believed in truth, justice, and the American way.

Maybe it was all a fairy tale after all.

Protecting the homefront. Sally Edelstein July 4, 2022

Nothing says Independence Day more than being stripped of our freedoms and freeing yourself from the tyranny of truth and justice.

Especially in schools like those educators in Texas who want to change the word “slavery” to “involuntary re-location.” Or in Florida where Don’t Say Gay  now forbids LGBTQ teachers from displaying photos of their same-sex spouse or even God-Forbid- talking to students about then

I think I will free myself from celebrating this July 4th. Not much to celebrate when guns have more rights than I do as a woman.

Proud to be ‘Merican?”

Not this year.




  1. Sad but true. White supremacists marched through Boston yesterday along the Freedom Trail, stopping to assault a Black man. They call themselves Proud Patriots, claiming they are determined to save our country. We’re in crisis…

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    • I read about that incident in Boston, very vile and very alarming. We are in big trouble.


    • Damn, I gotta look that up.
      Guess this is the generation AFTER the whole “The Soiling of Old Glory” picture.
      We do forget things too easily these days, and nobody thinks history is important… unless it serve their own purposes.
      No fireworks for me. I’m having coffee (really crappy morning) til it’s about time for the red wine. I’m “celebrating” by filling out job applications at a rapid pace and figuring out whether it’s worth going on the NextDoor social media site when I know most of the folks around here advertise themselves as super-Dump supporters. But I just found out I can’t sell pets on there, so that’s a moot point. Gotta spend the day researching so I can make calls and deals tomorrow, because otherwise I’ll have a dozen more birds hanging around that need extra space fast.


  2. ellie berner

    I look at these times as a blip. The discordant Trump presidency topped off by Covid as the icing on the cake for a disillusioned country. We’re confused. We’ve lost our way. Supreme Court does not have the respect it once enjoyed. Congress is in disarray. Biden is nice but nice isn’t good enough. I know better. You know better. We will endure. We have to continue to shake our heads and talk the talk and it will come around. I have to believe that. Happy Fourth.

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    • I believe in my heart we will prevail. We have gone through divisive difficult times before. The difference is things are so magnified by the 24/7 media it feels insurmountable. It will be fascinating to see how history presents this period.


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