The Choices Are Clear

Donald Trump

He chose not to act.

Despite what he saw…

Despite what he knew….

He didn’t care.

Advisors’ pleas to call for peace were ignored.

He cared only about the Big Lie.

He cared only about himself.

As fearful secret service staff called their families to say a final goodbye, and angry rioters were hunting down his Vice President to hang from a gallows they built, a gleeful Donald Trump binged watched the January 6 attack on the Capitol as it unfolded as though it were an action thriller on Netflix.

His dereliction is in plain sight.

His inaction was a clear choice.

Our democracy cannot afford any more inaction when it comes to justice.

Merrick Garland has no choice.

The Attorney General must choose to act- investigate and charge the former President of the United States.

Liz Cheney made a choice.

Because of what she saw.

Because of what she knew.

She could not turn a blind eye.

It might cost her seat in Congress, yet she made the brave choice. The right choice.

For the benefit of democracy.

Something Donald Trump will never understand.



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