Greetings from Kansas

Kansas postcard

When Kansas speaks, we need to listen.

The heart of the country spoke out from their heart last night with a resounding vote to protect abortion access by rejecting an amendment that would remove the right to abortion.

It wasn’t a squeaker. It was a landslide.

Kansas is speaking for America. Most Americans believe women have the right to control their own bodies.

This was earth-shattering and nothing short of a political earthquake.

For the pro-choice side to win there in the dog days of August in an off year – is a huge, historical victory.

Middle America

Kansas postcard

The sunflower, the symbol of optimism was on full display in last night’s vote in the Sunflower state.

This was not the coastal elitist states. It was neither true blue New York, nor progressive California. This was Kansas, the sunflower state,  smack dab in the middle of America.

Middle America spoke out.

Loudly and clearly. A state that Trump won handily just 2 years ago and has not voted for a Democrat for president since 1964,  just voted for full access to abortion.

Let that sink in.

The anger unleashed by the Supreme Court was in clear relief in this red state.

That’s how detached the GOP is from what most Americans want. If the Republicans can’t sell their anti-women agenda in Kansas they can’t sell it anywhere.

A huge win for women’s rights.

A huge win for Democracy.

A huge win for hope.


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  1. Win, win, win, indeed.


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