How To Downsize Without Feeling Depressed- The Ethel

Sally Edelstein Downsizing

Sometimes downsizing isn’t a choice but thrust on you. When you are both a serious collector and sentimentalist like me that is never easy.

But when 2 tragedies nearly back to back forced me to discard beloved things, I discovered ways to let go that actually gave me back in equal measure what I thought I lost. One thing is for sure, my memories were never for sale.
Please enjoy my latest piece in The Ethel




  1. Thanks for the advice and experience. Well done.


  2. You have a generous heart. Nice you were rewarded by this mother and her daughter, and that you have this swell memory.


  3. My parents had this large vase with a Samuri blazing across it. All four of us children eyed it and made secret plans to be the child who got it when the time came. When the time came, the vase ended up in the estate sale, forever safe from the squabble that would have come had any one of the four children got it. The reason, I think, that we four finally were able to let go of the desired vase was we all were at the stage of life where we had our own households that needed to be trimmed down so our survivors didn’t have to go through the impossible task of sorting out the accumulations of our lifetimes!


    • I’ve heard very similar stories about longed-for items that several siblings long for, but when the time came the for transfer of the item, there was no room in their current homes, or were downsizing themselves. Fortunately for me, my brother had zero interest in anything from my parents so I was free to claim anything I wanted


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