Ditching the Don

Oh How times have changed. NY Post once boosterish on Donald Trump now has all but deserted him. NY Post headline (L) Nov 16, 2022. (R) The Post endorsed Trump in 2016 and 2020

Trump’s presidential announcement at Mar-a-Lago left me speechless.

I’ll leave it to others to voice my feelings.

I just never thought it would be Rupert Murdoch who would so clearly echo my sentiments.

It’s obvious the Aussie editor’s once-upon-a-time bromance with Donald Trump has soured.

In its latest diss to the Donald, the NY Post referred to his current presidential bid in a small banner on the bottom of the front page  stating simply “Florida Man Makes Announcement.”

The article buried on page 26 is scathing.

NY Post November 16, 2022

Donald, he’s just not that into you.




  1. Sally, in my view, the former president’s political career has been over since January 7, 2021. The insurrection on the Capitol building does not happen if anyone else is in the White House. He instigated it with his bogus and unprovable (after a lot of money, lost court cases and lost recounts) election fraud claims and his inviting and inciting a very strident group of people mixed in with some very aggressive people. But, when I said this in January, 2021, I noted it would take the Republican party some time to figure out his career is over. The time has finally arrived. He is being openly ridiculed which is the worst thing a narcissistic acting person wants to hear. He would serve himself well if he just fades away.

    By the way, seeing the tabloids above reminds me of what many have forgotten – the former president did not just start acting this way when he ran for office. He has been his modus operandi for multiple decades. Just seeing the sexual prowess tabloid, his biographers noted that Trump used to pretend to be his own press agent and call into a New York radio talk show and brag on “Mr. Trump’s dating prowess.” This inane example tells you what you need to know. Keith


    • In the infamous war of the Trump’s divorce the 2 NY Tabloids took sides with the NY Post squarely in Donalds corner. They delighted in publishing salacious details of his sexual prowess, provided by a bogus PR rep named John Barron, ie Donald Trump. Living in NY in the 80s and 90s, most New Yorkers saw Trump as a bloviating buffoon, not the pseudo-successful fantasy businessman that Mark Burnett fabricated in the Apprentice. I wrote a piece on the coverage of their infamous divorce https://wp.me/p2qifI-5G7


      • Sally, my local newspaper printed an edited version of my letter to the editor from above. Here is a copy of what was printed Sunday. Keith

        “The GOP

        While a few election deniers and Trump sycophants got elected, voters seem to be saying enough of that storytelling, let’s move on.

        I do feel the Republican Party needs to get back on track and move away from those who feel they must lie to curry favor with the former president. We need a conservative voice in our country, and the current vintage of the GOP is not it. They could begin by cutting the lines to the anchor of the former president’s deceitful and allegedly seditious behavior. They could cut a few lines to his sycophants as well.

        The sooner they do this, the better it will be for our country and their party.”


  2. Pierre Lagacé

    I had to understand what you meant…

    Donald, he’s just not that into you.

    I did a quick search and now I know.
    I would not bet on 45 fading away. Past is prologue Sally. The sh.. will hit fan.


  3. All of Trump’s billionaire buddies seem to be washing their hands. Out, out damn spot.

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  4. He will exploit the dumping by billionaire black money pac feeders and all those groveling mealy-mouthed slugs who feared, um, “supported” him in some way and will get lots of ignorant followers to donate their food money to his cause. Pathetic!

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