Def Con Donald

We have now reached Def Con 1 of Trump’s dangerous delusions with his call for the termination of the Constitution.

He is calling for a coup.

Yet, again.

He is calling for the end of American Democracy.

Trump is now truly Mad King George without a crown.

And he is desperate for that crown and willing to do anything, including destroying the country and its foundations in his desperation to reclaim what he feels is justifiably his.

Ramping up his inflammatory rhetoric he is off the rails, desperately flailing because he is failing.

Trumps Post on Truth Social

When his uncharacteristically low-energy 2024 announcement didn’t generate the kind of enthusiasm he desperately needs, he has been acting out in desperation, pulling out all the stops.

No dog whistles anymore, he is speaking directly to his loyal followers, the far-right fringes of his base. Dinner with Nazis check! Tossing out the Constitution, let’s go for it.   In no small way, it is a call to arms for yet another insurrection.

We need to be in the highest state of readiness.

Because Trump will not be silent.

Yet the Republicans for the most part remain silent, twiddling their thumbs as warning sirens are blasting all around them. Sure, Donald is self-destructing, but he has no qualms about destroying the country along with him.

In their silence, the Republicans are just as dangerous as Trump is.

They are normalizing the rants of a lunatic.

They are normalizing living in a state of DEF CON 1.

And that is anything but normal.

It is dangerous. And deadly.





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