Trump Cards- Grifters Gotta Grift

Trump NFT Card

For those still searching for that special last-minute gift to give your MAGA-loving uncle,  Donald Trump has just the answer.

He’s just released a collection of digital trading cards!  Sure you can’t put them under your Xmas tree but they will be no less adored by your hard-to-shop-for racist Qanon cousin.

Ever since yesterday when Trump, dressed as a buff superhero, posted on Truth Social teasing us about a major announcement coming out today, I’d been waiting with bated breath to see what this mega MAGA announcement might be.

Running for President as a third-party candidate?

Dropping out of the presidential race?

Surrendering himself to the justice department? ( a gal can dream)

It turns out it’s just another get-rich scheme from the ultimate con man to line his own pockets.

Trump NFT Card

Trump NFT Card

Joining the roster of other winning Trump products like Trump Steaks and Trump Wine, this charlatan is hawking a limited edition collection of NFT trading cards featuring cartoon images of himself at the price of $99 each. I guess nobody told this “successful” businessman that the NFT Market has dropped dramatically.

Trump NFT Card

Trump NFT Card

Empty your bank account suckers for a digital rendition of the 45th president decked out in cartoonish outfits. Imagine, Trump as a spaceman, a big game hunter, or a superhero blasting deadly heat from his eyes.

Who’s Tired of Winning?

Bogus Bonuses

But wait there’s more!

“Here’s one of the best parts,” Trump says in a video promoting the NFT collection. “Each card comes with an automatic chance to win amazing prizes like dinner with me.”

However, the actual award is to attend a 2,000-person gala dinner with Trump. Other prizes include a “30-minute meet and greet with President Trump as part of a 200-person group,” and an “individual 20-minute meeting with President Trump at Mar-a-Lago,” or attending a Zoom call with Trump.

From Truth Social

A grifter’s gotta grift. We don’t have to buy it.

I think I’ll stick to Topps for next season’s baseball cards.


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  1. As the saying goes, and it goes without saying when it comes to Trump fleecing his own flock, you can’t make this shit up.


  2. I better run over, setup and account and order a bunch of these for the Solstice fire on the 21st Sally 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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