Donald Trump Makes Santa’s Naughty Boy List

Collage Trump and Santa and coal

Among the sea of lies that Donald Trump is now drowning in, one pledge of his may soon come to fruition this holiday season.

Trump did promise to revive the US coal industry and now single handily the disgraced con man has made good on his promise.

His Christmas stocking will be overflowing with lumps of coal.

As Santa Claus and his elves were busy compiling the annual list of “Naughty and Nice”, one name clearly rose above all others.

On Santa’s list of naughty for 2022, Donald Trump might be the naughtiest boy the likes of which the world has ever seen.

No one is as naughty as he is.

In just the past few weeks alone…..

Trump’s family business was convicted on all 17 counts of tax fraud.

He not only suggested terminating the Constitution,  the one that a president swears to preserve protect and defend, he happily dined with an anti-Semite and a Holocaust denier,

Now the January 6 committee condemned Trump as the central cause of the insurrection, charging him with obstruction of an official proceeding, conspiracy to defraud, the US, conspiracy to make a false statement, and insurrection.

And he lied nonstop about being audited on his tax returns.

If anyone is deserving of getting a truckload of coal in his Christmas stocking it is Donald Trump.

For the rest of us, Christmas came early this year. Tied up in a bright red bow, the Jan 6 Committee handed democracy a precious gift.




  1. Trump should be locked up in a coal bin. And Santa must not forget elf Steve Mnuchin, Trump’s inside man at Treasury/IRS. Great Sgt. Schultz imitation, Steve.

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