Yet Another Shooting-Three Words We Don’t Need To Hear

Stop The Violence


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  1. Beth Feldman

    Well said as always!

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  2. Well written! Attention, one issue voters: I know it can and should be abortion access, I know it can and should be criminal justice reform, I know it can and should be voting rights. The list goes on, but the list of kids and innocent adults murdered cannot go on. Question every single vote you make for any level of representation, from school boards to sheriffs to judges to the statehouse, against the issue of gun safety. Make that noise where it can’t be ignored or deferred.

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  3. tripichick

    many children are worthless masses of expensive protoplasm who will never achieve anything remarkable but will consume tons of wastefully packaged resources. covid was a good start at thinning our obese, scientifically illiterate species.

    I had two kids whose medical defects bankrupted my young marriage and gobbled up my time when I was establishing my transcription business. $100,000 for first born’s hip and $1/4 million for a 27-week preemie after cervical cancer.

    Neither seems to be achieving anything to justify the expense.


  4. I shared this on Facebook.

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  5. Pierre Lagacé

    Food for thought

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