Spring Cleaning at the Networks

Truth Matters. Honesty Matters. Fox’s Tucker Carlson is ousted moments before Don Lemon on CNN


Talk about spring cleaning!

Looks like both Fox News and CNN have used some serious elbow grease in cleaning the scum, dirt, and toxins out of their respective houses.

Fox in particular has a huge infestation of cockroaches and disease-carrying insects requiring a thorough and deep cleaning that goes beyond just getting rid of Tucker Carlson. To successfully eliminate their extensive “pest problem” they need to focus on the root of the issue.

Up to their rubber-gloved elbows in dirt, Fox will need to scour deeply to protect themselves

But it’s a great start!

Truth Matters. Facts Matters. Accountability Matters.

That’s why Tucker Carlson’s ousting at Fox matters.



  1. tripichick

    cant say i care much about shiny white privileged coproliths.



  2. We’ve fallen far from the days when the most trusted “man” in America was a new anchor.


    • Trusted and news anchors seem an oxymoron. However, the most trusted news anchor might well be a woman today I’d say Rachel Maddow and Nicolle Wallace can vie for that title. And as an aside, perfect timing for this Tucker story to break- Rachel Maddow is on this evening with what Im sure will be great commentary.


  3. Dianne Wing

    So what happens to the thousands of hours of Jan 6 videos McCarthy gave Carlson? where are they now?


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