Make Hallmark Great Again

Mother’s Day is the mother of all greeting card holidays when we all plunk down $6.95 for sentimental inscriptions written by strangers that perfectly capture our loving feelings about Mom to help her celebrate her special day.

If this presidential run doesn’t pan out, Donald Trump could have a new gig at Hallmark.


His soft and gentle side, rarely seen, was on full display on Mother’s Day on Truth Social.

Trump has that special knack for capturing just the right universal sentiments, putting into words what so many of us were feeling on a day devoted to mothers, but unable to articulate as warmly as he did.



  1. I am laughing my ass off. You are the greatest!

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  2. Ellie Berner

    Donald will latch on to anything to get in a dig. But fooling around with Mother’s Day is going too far.


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