Tina Turner, Simply The Best

Tina Turner

Tina Turner was unstoppable, so her death today feels almost unreal.

How can that electricity and magnetism be quieted?

A powerhouse in heels, she blew the roof off of Radio City when I saw her in the summer of 1993.  Tina Turner was pure T&T, with unadulterated energy and sexuality that was infectious. Thirty years later her exuberance that night stays with me.

No one has ever duplicated it. Or her.

No shrinking violet, she clawed her way out of a withering and abusive relationship with her husband Ike that would have broken most, silenced most. But she rose from that pain and from those ashes and soared. Not merely just survive but flourish into the Queen of Rock and Roll.

She was simply, the best.



  1. So true. What a life.

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  2. tripichick

    amazing what they accomplished. Touring not healthiest klifestyle


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