Graduates Deserve A Break Today

Graduation is a big moment in any family life.

Proud parents watching their recent graduates receiving a diploma from the Dean of their school is replicated coast to coast; that simple piece of paper insuring a great future, their ticket to the American Dream and a wonderful job

Have a Coke and a Smile

 Everybody arrives in great spirits at the celebration afterwards, all set to have a whirl of a time. Best of all there’s fun and friendliness all around.

Everybody’s happy and “let’s celebrate” is the order of the day. Gifts are given, cards opened, photos snapped.

The future is golden.

So out comes those frosty bottles of Coca Cola and the friendly pause begins as student loan debt and lack of job prospects  are all but forgotten.  “Have a coke” says friend to neighbor meaning, mighty glad you’re here.

 Later after all the gifts are unwrapped, the last card read, our graduate hops in his Hyundai , draping the tassel from his cap over the rear view mirror, never looking back as he heads to his job at McDonalds.

The only thing golden about his future is the prospect of working at the Golden Arches where his $120,000 university degree gets him a job flipping burgers, scooping fries and drawing fizzy ice-cold coca cola from the red Coke dispenser.

You Deserve A Break Today

Mc Donalds, the friendliest club in town.

There’s always a welcome mat at your favorite Mickey D’s for the recent college graduate

This congenial club is as warm and American as an old-fashioned barbeque or band concert right in the village square. Here young folk with master degrees and BA’s  like to gather over a Coca Cola and commiserate over bleak job prospects and a dismal economy.

It’s the spot that both young and old folks have in mind when they say “I’ll be seeing you” any hour of the day. It’s the spot where recent grads know “I’ll be serving you” means they can get a job to start paying of those student loans.

It’s the Real Thing

Yes whether your favorite McDonald’s soda fountain is just around the corner on Main Street or 42 Street and Broadway why not drop in for a Coke and a job.

They’re the only ones hiring.

Look for the friendly red coke sign to help celebrate that red-letter day.

Things go better with coke.

Copyright (©) 20012 Sally Edelstein All Rights Reserved

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