Empty Nest Egg Syndrome

vintage illustration mother crying college students graduating 1940s

Thoughts in a Mothers Eye -Vintage Gruen Watches Ad 1945

To the click of camera shutters and the ring  of stirring oratory, hundreds of thousands of students have stepped forward this spring to receive diplomas from the colleges and universities of our vast country,  thus marking an age-old  rite of passage into the  American Dream.

Amidst the ivy-covered towers of  venerable universities, that familiar ritual characterized by cheers and tears has been repeated for generations.

Like many parents of past generations, today’s teary eyed baby boomers are gripped with a host of feelings – sadness, depression,  grief and worry. But for today’s parent their  constellation of feelings is less about the loss of their child moving on as the fading dream of their own retirement.

Ever the ground-breakers, boomer parents  are gripped by a new condition- empty nest egg syndrome.

Visions of that dream retirement home deep in the blue mountains of Asheville  North Carolina get dimmer with each day as savings are slowly dwindling  between supporting their adult children and aging parents.

As more boomerang kids live at home due to the bleak job market, and the elderly life expectancy is ever-increasing, feathering the boomers  nest egg becomes an impossibility, as much as an outmoded pipe dream as that high paying job is for their kid.

Sandwiched between the millenials and the greatest generation, baby boomers may soon go bust.

Now that’s something to get teary over.

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