Honoring Womens Right



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Honoring Women’s Rights: Echoing Visual Voices Together is organized and presented by four WCA chapters: South Bay Area, Northern California, Peninsula, & Monterey Bay Women’s Caucus for Art and the National Steinbeck Center.  Showcasing artwork that examines and explores the social, political and economic issues related to women’s activism.  Learn more about the conference and exhibition here:  http://www.honoringwomensrights.org/index.html


Art Preview(free and open to the public)

Friday, September 7th, 5 – 8:30 p.m.

National Steinbeck Center, One Main Street, Salinas, CA



OPENING RECEPTION with the Artists:  September 8, 6-9 PM (invitation only – print this and bring as your invite)

National Steinbeck Center, One Main Street, Salinas, CA

Sponsored by the Pacific Region Women’s Caucus for Art Celebrating 40 Years of Women’s Caucus for Art


Show Dates:  September 7, 2012 to January 6, 2013


Jurors: Joyce Aiken, Ruth Weisberg and Patricia Rodriguez




Aleta Aaron, Suzanne Anan, Jill Andre, Salma Arastu, Seda Baghdasarian, Ulla Barr, Tessie Barrera-Scharaga, Stephanie Beard, Joanne Beaule Ruggles, Deanna Beye, Marie Bezjian, Jennifer Bloomer, Melody Brown, Tracy Brown, Donna Catanzaro, Vanessa Chappelear, Christine Cianci, Sherri Cornett, Linda Rae Coughlin, Rose Anne Critchfield, Debra Dake-Morrell, Janet E. Dandridge, Lynn Dau, Anahi DeCanio, Debra Dobkin, Sally Edelstein, Anita Feng, Christine Fogel, Christine Giancola, Guerrilla Gowns, Karen Gutfreund, C Hamelin, Sharon Harper, Andrea Harris, Patter Hellstrom, Patricia Hulin, Patricia Izzo, Lahib Jaddo, Elaine Jason, Joy Johnson, Judy Johnson-Williams, Jamy Kahn, Flavia (FIFA) Krasilchik, Olga Lah, Lu Lee, Terri Lloyd, Nalyne Lunati, Monica Lundy, Kelsey McDonnell, Barbara McIntyre, Erika Meriaux, Sheila Metcalf Tobin, Patrushka, Jennifer Mondfrans, Sandra Mueller, Trudy Myrrh, Melissa Nelson, Janice Nesser, Mary O’Brien, Colleen O’Donnell, Linda Pearlman Karlsberg, Jane Peterman, Bonnie Peterson, Roxanne Phillips, Reformed Whores, Lynda A.N.Reyes, Heather Rios, Launa D. Romoff, Trix Rosen, Nicole Rubio, Dixie Salazar, Jodi Schulz, Rose Selllery, Judy Shintani, Cynthia Siegel, Marlene Siff, Bonnie J. Smith, Elizabeth Sowell-Zak, Olga Stamatiou, Rebecca Stern, Deborah Mills Thackrey, Lynne Todaro, Orlonda Uffre, Cristina Velazquez, Silvia Wagensberg, Annette Wagner, Susan Wangari Mathenge, Susan Weaver, Tamara White, Tammy Jo Wilson, Flo Oy Wong, Marian Yap, and Nancy Youdelman.

About The Women’s Caucus for Art:

The Women’s Caucus for Art was founded in 1972 in connection with the College Art Association (CAA). WCA is a national member organization unique in its multidisciplinary, multicultural membership of artists, art historians, students, educators, and museum professionals.

The mission of the Women’s Caucus for Art is to create community through art, education, and social activism. WCA is committed to recognizing the contribution of women in the arts; providing women with leadership opportunities and professional development; expanding networking and exhibition opportunities for women; supporting local, national and global art activism; and advocating for equity in the arts for all.

As an NGO (non-governmental organization) of the United Nations, the Women’s Caucus for Art actively supports the UN Millennium Goals. WCA utilizes art as the universal language to engage artists, NGOS, and civil society on a broad range of issues such as gender equity and environmental sustainability.

As a founding member of the Feminist Art Project, WCA is part of a collaborative national initiative celebrating the Feminist Art Movement and the aesthetic, intellectual and political impact of women on the visual arts, art history, and art practice, past and present.


The mission of the Women’s Caucus for Art is to create community through art, education, and social activism.

We are committed to:

· recognizing the contributions of women in the arts

· providing women with leadership opportunities and professional development

· expanding networking and exhibition opportunities for women

· supporting local, national, and global art activism

· advocating for equity in the arts for all

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