Does It Matter Who’s At The Wheel?

1934 car chevrolet  women men

Vintage Chevrolet Advertisement 1934

Step on the Gas

Nervous Dot the Democrat  is sure glad that Bette’s husband  Dick drives a Chevrolet. Men can be real speed demons on the road but with Republican Dick every ride is big and steady!

Dot and Bette agree : If husbands must drive fast…make sure its a Chevrolet.

The 2 gals in this 1934 vintage Chevrolet ad could sit back, relax enjoy a cigarette and some good gossip letting Dick take the wheel without any worries.

“You know how men are, sometimes- behind the wheel of a car'” the ad begins.  “They want to get places in a hurry…pass all others at the traffic lights...’make time’ on the open road.”

“Now from the woman’s viewpoint, that’s all very well, provided,” the ad assured the reader, “the car is a safe, sure-footed easily controlled Chevrolet.”

“Then you can let speed-loving husbands step along to their hearts content- explore the full range of its 80 horsepower performance- and who cares?”

With 1934 Dick behind the wheel, who needed seat belts, air bags or even safety glass?

A Retro Ride

In the retro world of Republicans,  women still take a back seat when it comes to controlling their own bodies, and as in this 1934 car advertisement, without any safety precautions it’s a dangerous ride indeed.

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