Media Made Women- Housewives

art collage female 1950s stereotypes housewives

Occupation:Homemaker Collage by Sally Edelstein

Happy Homemakers

During the Cold war, the Culture of Containment was not just a foreign policy but applied to women and their identities as much as it did to the Soviets. Women were to contain their aspirations, their appetites and their bodies

Happy Homemakers

To believe the advertisements no one was the beneficiary of the Cold war culture of casual carefree living more than the housewife of the 1950s and 60s.

All manner of unparalleled ease from cleaning products to appliances promised the happy homemaker a life transformed, a life so carefree you could do as you please. So undemanding, it was a world of child’s play so easy it turned routine into fun.

collage art 1950s housewife

Artist Sally Edelstein appropriates pop culture female media icons from the 1950’s and 60s in her collage about the 50’s happy housewife

Mrs America

The most envied woman in the world was the post-war American housewife…smart..yet easy-going with never you mind freedom; that was the new Mrs. America.

In her smartly tailored wash n wear shirtwaist dress and Playtex Living cross your heart bra, what gal wouldn’t want to achieve this new ideal- a Lady Clairol colorful cold war world of carpools cookouts cream of mushroom soup casseroles and catering to contented children and happy-go-lucky husbands.

In her spiked heeled pumps, she was walking on air on her new Easy care Linoleum flooring with the exuberance and assurance most women need to be completely at ease, confident in herself and her bright good looks.

collage by Sally Edelstein 1950s vintage images housewife

A Bewitchingly New Mrs Madison Avenue collage by Sally Edelstein

Mrs. Consumer

Her life was magical, this bewitchingly new American Housewife

Mrs Housewife, advertisers boasted, your judgement and taste helped make Americas standard of living the highest in the world.

Her home is her castle. Snug within it she basks in the warmth of a good man’s love, glories in the laughter of healthy children, glows with pride with every acquisition.”

And she’s always there

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