Art in the Age of Political Absurdity

art collage of appropriated images

Just in time for election season, please join me at the opening reception of Party Headquarters Art in The Age of Political Absurdity at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery, in NYC  where my piece “Oils Well That Ends Well”  will be on exhibit.


Appropriating vintage advertising and illustration from the 1940s, and 50’s the collage pieces together fragment of post-war America myths disarming Mid Century media myths about war, consumerism, geo-politics and the American Way

art collage composed of vintage appropriated ads and illustrations

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144 West 14th Street
New York, NY 10011

Opening Reception:
Thursday, September 27, 6−8 PMOn View:

September 28−November 10, 2012
Guest Curators:
Eleanor Heartney and Larry Litt

Just in time for election season, “Party Headquarters: Art in the Age of Political Absurdity” updates the grand tradition of political satire to shine a light on the American psyche in an era of political polarization. Works in a range of media take on the pressing questions of the day, among them the social consequences of greed, the corrosive effects of money and religion in politics, the contradictory aspirations embodied by the American Dream, and the destructive outcome of unquestioning faith in American exceptionalism. With wit, satire, and passion, the artists in this show urge us to acknowledge both the strengths and the follies of contemporary America and ask if we are living up to our own best beliefs.

Exhibitions site

Donna Catanzaro
Enrique Chagoya
Michael D’Antuono
Sally Edelstein
Jerry Kearns
Ian Laughlin
Kara Maria
Greta Pratt
Duke Riley
Peter Saul
Federico Solmi
Jade Townsend
Mark Wagner
Martin Wilner
In conjunction with the exhibition, a New York Mobile Voter Registration Center designed by artist Duke Riley (M.F.A. ’08) will tour the streets of Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens.
Our fifth annual Pratt Falls political cabaret, produced by Larry Litt, will take place in the gallery on October 16, October 30, and November 6 at 7 PM.
Please visit for more information.

Sally Edelstein Collage



  1. This is fantastic. A really fine treatment and representation of our cultural history. Thank you so much, Sally. Can’t wait to enjoy your work, Thursday.


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