The Tale of Two Romneys

Vintage magazine cover illustration George Romney

Once upon a time there roamed a Romney who challenged not only the conventional wisdom of the day but the Giant Oil companies as well

Unlike his son Mitt who has fueled his campaign coffers with millions from the oil industry, refusing to close loopholes that give these big oil companies billions in taxpayer subsidies every year, his father George Romney was no hero of the oil industry.

The Don Quixote of Detroit, George Romney, the CEO of American Motors in the 1950s, battled the gas guzzling cars of mid-century America that the big 3 auto industry were churning out as fast as they were missiles. Each November Detroit put out a crop of new cars that were bigger longer and had more flash, dash and dazzle to than the next.

Americans liked their cars big, or so went the conventional wisdom.

George Romney, the CEO of American Motors was a champion of the Rambler a cheap, economy car touting fuel efficiency that defied the gas guzzling, tail finned, chrome laden dinosaurs that were lumbering through post war America.

In 1959 George Appeared on the cover of Time magazine He worked tirelessly to get Americans to trade in their large cars for the compacts that American Motors built.

Vintage Car Ad Rambler with George Romney 1957

Vintage Car Ad Rambler with George Romney 1957

To promote their fuel efficiency cars Romney’s company American Motors ran several ads mocking Detroit’s giant gas guzzlers offering a better alternative.

Vintage Car Ads Rambler 1957

The Tale of the Man Who Bought a Gas Hog

Once upon a time there was a man who bought a gas hog. That’s what he called it.

Vintage Car Ads Rambler 1957

Actually it was a great big, over chromiumed rolling cabana called an automobile.

It drank gas like a glutton.

It wouldn’t fit in the mans garage. It wouldn’t fit in a parking space. Its engine was hard to service.

“Whoa,” said the man.”How silly can I get? I’m blowing the whistle!” So he went shopping for a car that he could drive easy, park easy, and run on cupfuls, instead of carloads.

Vintage Car Ads Rambler 1957

So he looked at one of those cute European cars  that are easy on the gas.

But the man had six children, tow dogs and a wife. They all couldn’t get in. He loved his wife, and the dogs, and the children (sometimes) too.

Then he found the only car with big room inside plus foreign car economy and handling. It was a Rambler 6, the car that holds the cross-country record of 32 miles a gallon with overdrive.

Vintage Car Ads Rambler 1957

The man and his wife were saving so much money they found they could afford a second Rambler because 2 Ramblers would cost less than their old gas hog.

If you’re tired of feeding a gas hog, try Rambler.

The Pilot Who Drove an OxCart

Once upon a time there was this jet pilot who flew the newest fastest bomber in the world.

Vintage Car Ads Rambler 1957

But on the ground he drove an oxcart.

That’s what he called it.

Actually it was a big monster of a 1957 automobile. It had modern looking jet fin fenders.

But underneath, the body was held to a separate flat frame by old fashioned bolts. it was built just like his great grandfather’s oxcart.
It even squeaked like it.

It was so overweight, the engine was always thirsty.

It was so persnickety too. if he fed it anything but 40 cents a gallon double premium gas, it knocked and clanked like a threshing machine.

Vintage Car Ads Rambler 1957

It’s tin bustle stuck out so far behind it needed 2 spaces to park.

It was too fat.

When he squeezed it into the garage he couldn’t open the car doors. he thought about getting a cute foreign car- but where would they put 4 kids?

Finally he blew his stack.”Why don’t car’s wake up to airplane construction methods,  so they could have room inside without useless bulk outside?”

“Come come, buster,” said his co-pilot. “Rambler has it now- all welded single body and frame.”

So the pilot and his wife rushed to see the new Rambler. Its advanced jet bomber construction was stronger and safer than his big oxcart,

Vintage Car Ads Rambler 1957

Rambler even had airline reclining seats  and pressurized airplane type All Season air conditioning.

And rambler cost least to buy! less to run, less than 1 cent a mile ( border to border and coast to coast economy records ) With all these savings they could afford to trade the big oxcart for 2 Ramblers!

Why don’t you investigate the new Rambler today? get big car room and comfort with European car economy and handling ease.

By the way, Mitts first set of wheels was  not a gas-guzzling car but a used compact economy car a 1963 Rambler classic.

Copyright (©) 2012 Sally Edelstein All Rights Reserved

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