Beauty, Brains, and a Bar of Soap

Vintage soap Lux ad photo 1930s woman beauty

Sally’s Pretty and Sally’s Smart

Would you dare risk the shame of “Cosmetic skin?”

Sure you’re careful, never risking offending with  halitosis, avoiding housewife- hips, pink toothbrush, B.O. and other ailments of the Depression era 1930’s.

But unless you wash as thoroughly as the Hollywood way, shame could be knocking on your door.

But not Sally

She’s one sharp cookie! Not only pretty, but… gasp…. smart too!

Like most modern gals and Hollywood stars, our heroine in this 1934  Lux soap ad wouldn’t be caught dead going out without a touch of rouge and powder when putting on her face.

Just ask lovely Loretta Young, glamorous Twentieth Century Star who concurs with smart Sally.

After all, screen stars are wise in the ways of loveliness. And thousands of clever girls all over the country are adopting Hollywood’s beauty care to guard against unattractive Cosmetic Skin- keep their complexion exquisite.

And just what is this Hollywood secret?

A good old bar of soap and water!

Staying Depression -Dainty Fresh

In case you were unaware, the ad lists the tell tale signs of this awful, socially unacceptable ailment: “Have you seen warning signals of this distressing modern complexion- enlarged pores, tiny blemishes, dullness-“ and the worst of it all “blackheads perhaps? No need to worry!”

In a pre- penicillin time when diseases like scarlet fever, whooping cough, and polio struck with a regular vengeance, when unemployment was rampant, and homes were being foreclosed, black heads would be the worst of your troubles.

Luckily the dangers of cosmetics could be rendered harmless with a simple bar of Lux soap.

If only washing away all your worries were as easy as that.

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