Is Xmas Shoppping Starting Too Early?

On your mark…get set …go shopping!

With Black Friday, small store Saturday and Cyber Monday, the race for Christmas shopping has officially begun.

Black Friday seems to inch earlier and earlier each passing year. Hoping to real in more shoppers  some big box stores like Walmart, K mart Best Buy and Target  opened their doors for Black Friday deals on Thursday evening requiring their employees to cut their Thanksgiving short.

Despite the crowds, there are many complaints that Christmas sales are starting too early.

If you think its holiday shopping frenzy seems to come earlier and earlier every year you would be wrong.

Home Front for the Holidays

During WWII, Xmas ads for Firestone Service Centers, started running as early as Nov 3.

In a time of small Mom and Pop shops Firestone Centers were your one stop shopping for all your household needs from auto to kitchen to clothing.

Though things were rationed and in short supply you could still go Christmas shopping and save your hard earned war work money choosing useful gifts that would help everyone to conserve and save.

Vintage Ad Xmas gifts  Firestone 1944

Vintage Ad 1944 Christmas Gifts at Firestone

“Do your Xmas shopping early this year and do it economically too at your nearby Firestone Dealer or store. ” beckoned this 1944 ad for Firestone. “There you will find a fascinating array of toys for children of all ages.”

“But remember that stocks of many items are limited. So don’t delay- save tires, save gasoline, save time and save money doing your Xmas shopping the convenient, one stop Firestone way.”

The Wal Mart of their Day

Firestone Tire and Rubber Company was founded by Harvey Firestone in 1900 to supply tires for buggies and wagons. Paling up with Henry Ford he supplied Ford Motor Co with tires.

It wasn’t long before that great producer of tires joined the retail store business offering basic car services and tires sales in the mid 1920s when the original Firestone Service Centers were opened.

Within 13 years of opening the first store, the Firestone network of stores grew to 575 and offered 2,000 different items, becoming the Wal Mart of their day. The 1940s saw the emergence of the Firestone Home and auto store, a one stop retailer offering everything from automotive services household appliances toys, bicycles, lawnmowers with the Firestone name brand affixed

Vintage Ad Xmas Firestone 1942

Vintage Ad Xmas Firestone 1942

“Toyland is open today at your nearby Firestone Dealer and Firestone store. And what an exciting array of toys for children of all ages- trains and planes, dolls and games, paint sets and musical instruments, kiddie cars and ice skates.”stated this jolly war time ad from 1942.

“Bring the children to see this fascinating display. And take this opportunity to do your own Xmas shopping leisurely and economically. At Firestone you will find home electrical appliances, house wares, dinnerware, glassware, automotive accessories, radios, albums of Philharmonic records.”

“But don’t delay! Stacks of many items are limited”

Vintage Ad Xmas gifts Firestone 1947

Vintage Ad Xmas Firestone 1947

Post War Xmas shopping ads remained running in early November. At Firestone you could get anything for your Post war home from  luggage to electric clocks. door chimes, and sandwich toasters, bathroom scales, singing tea kettles, cookie jars , ovenware and so much more.

” Don’t delay” shoppers were once again reminded in this 1947 ad. ” Save time and save money by one stop Xmas shopping at Firestone today. And for the kiddies Walt Disney comic books were given  out free!”

Is it really too early to be thinking about Christmas shopping in November?

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