A Housewife’s Holiday Dilemma

xmas car nash

Peggy was besides herself!

She had her heart set on a new Presto pressure cooker for Christmas or at least a new wear ever aluminum sauce pan for the holidays. Toasters, and irons nestled under the Xmas tree would have been just dandy! And oh that deep fryer that was, the ads promised,  like having a French Chef right in your own kitchen

But Charlie her hubby surprised her Xmas morning with of all things a brand new car. Didn’t he know  there was no more welcome gift than an electrical appliance for a lady?

Thrill Her This Christmas

xmas photo 1950s woman on phone

Ironically it had been  Christmas Eve and poor Charlie was still racing around trying to find the perfect gift for his mid-century wife. That is until Stan from sales persuaded him a brand new car was the ideal gift. “Your new car fun is never-ending when you buy a Nash Airflyte,” he read aloud to Charlie, “It’s brimming over with more good surprises than a Xmas tree.”

Mabel his secretary tried to set Charlie straight.

“Jewelry, perfume, little luxuries-sure they’re all winners with us gals,” Mabel explained. “But there’s one gift that will please a woman the day she sees it and all the days afterwards for the rest of her life.”

vintage ads xmas kitchen

“Yes, an electrical appliance will soon become her proudest possession,” Betsy from Bookkeeping chimed in. “There’s a special understanding that goes along with a Presto gift because any woman knows it’s the kind of gift you give when you want to make life easier and happier for someone you really love.”

xmas ads kitchen presto 1950s

“Few gifts go straight to a woman’s heart…like a toaster…give her a thrill” cooed Carol from accounting.

vintage ad xmas kitchen proctor

With these helpful appliances she’ll be the life of the party, Mabel promised “She’ll be full of pep and zest for any sort of fun with the family because these electrical servants do the work for you”.

“You’ll score a hit…mark my word,” Mabel winked .

But Charlie wouldn’t listen. Clutching his Xmas bonus he rushed to the nearest Nash dealership.

And now here it was Xmas morning and a big old car stared out at Peggy in the cold garage. Thoughts of that pressure cooker that left nothing to do but lift the lid and enjoy the food, brought tears to her eyes.

Peggy was crestfallen. What was a gal to do? After all Charlie was fairly gushing with excitement, pointing out all the swell new features in this most modern of cars.“You’ll step into it on a raw December day and tune in balmy June on the weather Eye Conditioned Air System.” he read aloud to her “You’ll touch a lever and sink back to rest, even nap if you wish, in the exclusive Nash Airliner Reclining Seat.”

Peggy knew she could never let Charlie see her disappointment.

Lucky for Peg those acting lessons at the Community Theater paid off. With visions of toasters and waffle irons dancing in her head, her expression of enthusiasm for the new Nash was as joyous as any pressure cooker could deliver.

vintage ad xmas kitchen


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