Mail Order Madness…Gifts and Guns Galore

vintage Xmas catalogues covers

Christmas catalogues have long been a cherished  staple in the American home.

Just like today, the mid-century housewife flipped through the pages of her favorite catalogue  and enjoyed the ease of shopping the telephone way with  a whole department store at her fingertips.

Smart, practical gifts. A Brownie for Jr, a Beretta for Dad.

Ordering that 12 gauge shot-gun was as easy and painless as ordering a pair of roller skates or a cuddly plush stuffed animal for your youngster. 10% down free shipping, no waiting, no fuss no muss.

Guns as gay as Xmas itself as low as $4 a month.

catalog phone guns

A sampling from mid-century catalogs from Sears Roebuck,  Montgomery Ward and Alden’s.

Vintage Xmas catalog guns rudolph the red nose reindeer

vintage catalogue  guns cameras 1950s

vintage gift catalog guns kitchen appliances

vintage Xmas catalog gun dolls

vintage catalog guns nativity scene

Vintage Xmas catalogue guns dresses

vintage Xmas catalog guns bikes 1950s

vintage Xmas catalog guns robes

vintage Xmas catalog guns and stuffed animals

vintage catalog guns bibles



  1. John

    Those were the days. I was born in 1950 and remember them well. Guns were available at Sears, Monkey Ward, tire stores, hardware stores, farm stores, country stores and were just a part of life. They still are to a lot of us; one more tool to be used safely.

    Thanks for the memories.



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