Five Minute Face Lift

vintage ad Gum Claudette Colbert

Want a more youthful vibrant expression?

Chew on this!

Forget expensive cosmetic wrinkle fillers and injectables like Botox. For a true non surgical age reversing technique-good ol’ American chewing gum not only doubles your pleasure, but makes you doubly delightful to look at too!

And this advise comes straight from one of retro Hollywood’s loveliest stars Miss Claudette Colbert!

That is according to Wrigleys, in this 1938 advertisement for Double Mint Gum

“Masculine hearts skip a beat when a lovely woman flashes an enchanting smile,” exclaims Wrigleys in their ad. “And refreshing Double Mint gum does wonders for your smile. Women of discrimination choose this popular double-lasting, delicious-tasting gum.”

Beauty On A Budget

Now here’s the science behind the beauty enhancing wonders of Wrigleys

“The daily chewing helps beautify by waking up sleepy face muscles, stimulating beneficial circulation in your gums and brightening your teeth natures way. So your face and smile gain a lovely new radiance everyone admires.”

Looking renewed and refreshed, admiring friends will wonder whether it was a new hair-do or a relaxing cruise that contributed to your radiant countenance. Who would ever guess it was a mere stick of gum.

Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun

The ad doubles the sales pitch as well by hawking Claudette Colbert’s next big movie and a Hollywood fashion designer.

“What you wear and how you wear it also enters the picture as exemplified by Hollywood’s beautiful and fascinating star Claudette Colbert and proven again in her next big Paramount screen success “Midnight.”

“The becoming suit dress Miss Colbert models so smartly for you,” the reader is informed, “ is by Hollywood’s great fashion creator Travis Banton- designed by Double Mint gum’s request since smart clothes as well as an attractive face means charm. Mr Banton’s fashions are noted for curves concealed just enough and for that expensive slim hipped look always associated with Claudette Colbert.” And since healthful delicious double mint gum is a satisfying non fattening sweet, it keeps you slim hipped too

“You yourself can make this flattering suit dress in any color or material most becoming to you by purchasing Simplicity pattern 2902 at nearly all good department, dry goods or variety stores.”

“All women want smart clothes and know they set off smile and loveliness of face. Millions already know delicious Double Mint gum helps bring extra attractiveness to your smile, making your whole face doubly lovely. Begin today.”

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