Was Justice Served?

American jury vintage illustration

Serving on a Jury

Was justice served in the murder acquittal of George Zimmerman? You be the judge.

It would seem that the only ones being served were the sequestered jurors who were treated by taxpayers to pedicures, bowling and most appropriately, admission to Ripley’s Believe it or Not! Museum.

One comment

  1. Within the law, yes. I ask, though, is the law just? That’s the question. One kid’s dead; a young man, emboldened with a handgun and an over-whelming sense of righteousness walks free today, but will forever have to look over his back. I am with Trayvon Martin’s mother and father, however: pray for George Zimmerman and work to create a legacy based on the son they lost to a senseless act of “self-defense”. (I don’t get it, either. If someone’s following a kid, intent unknown, doesn’t the kid get to defend himself when confronted? I’m trying not to obsess about the injustice of the verdict, but some events just don’t deserve this sort of benefit of doubt.)


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