Summer Vacation Greetings

Sally Edelstein

Wish You Were Here!
Photo of Sally Edelstein by Peter D. Brown Photography

Hope you all are having a swell summer and enjoying my posts of summers past…..will be returning soon!



  1. Beautiful swimsuit and you look gorgeous!


  2. Hope you’re vacationing in Hollywood. You need to be discovered!


  3. As I said, you’re looking lovely as always!~ and … those dedicated early morning hours in front of the Motorola with your pal, Jack LaLanne have paid off with that streamlined torpedo chassis of yours! I’ve read in your postings about this coming new fad “Jazzercise”~ you’re always up on the latest. I recall back in the early 50s, the grueling hours that you dedicating to massage to keep that girlish Pin-Up figure fit and toned! Enjoy your vacation, (this certainly looks like your favorite Beverly Hills retreat -but, I understand your desire for location privacy)~!


    • Thank you dahling! Those waist whittling’ workouts that Jack LaLanne provided were a gals best friend. After all, what gal of “a certain age” couldn’t benefit from a good round of stimulating jumping jacks!


  4. Well, yes that and a robust session with the vibrating belt, followed by a vigorous LisaDawn LayDown™ Massage and an invigorating protein filled vitamin rich strawberry milkshake!


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