GM and WWII-Victory is Our Business

WWII Production GM vintage ad illustration

GM WWII Ad- Victory Through Progress 1942


What was good for General Motors was good for the army

Once upon a time when it came to cars General Motors was king of the road and the American Dream was paved with Chevys.

And when it came time for fighting for the American Dream no one contributed more to the war effort in WWII than General Motors Corp.

World Of Tomorrow

A few years before we entered the war, General Motors had whetted our appetites for the wonderful World of tomorrow with their popular futurama exhibit at the NY Worlds Fair in 1939/40.

But the world of tomorrow loomed ominously as war raged in Europe.

When Pearl Harbor happened, General Motors would take a detour on the road to the World of Tomorrow to supply our fighting men; after all when it came to tanks, wouldn’t you really rather have a Cadillac?

WWII Oldsmobilead illustration auto worker

Vintage Ad Oldsmobile -WWII Worker 1942

As American industry rushed to create what FDR called the arsenal of democracy General Motors rose to the occasion in a big way, providing the lion share of hardware to the American military.

Victory Is Our Business

General Motors produced this patriotic motivational film in 1942 about how its workers and factories were contributing to war effort.

Taking Care of Business

Within in a year of entering the war, General Motors, had ceased the production of civilian automobiles and  was gushing out millions of units of a wide variety of planes tanks guns and other munitions . What were once busy factories were now defense plants. as Squat tanks began flowing off the assembly line instead of smart automobiles.

WWII Pontiac Chevrolet production

(L) Vintage Ad Pontiac 1944 “Every American is pledged to do his or her part towards the attainment of Victory and Peace” (R) Vintage Ad Chevrolet 1945-” Chevrolet is making its mark everywhere today…volume for victory-tomorrow volume for value”

Although they had no new cars to sell, General Motors continued to publish  a profusion of full color ads to let the public know how busy they were supplying essential war materials, all while keeping their names in front of the public.

Tomorrow in GM and WWII Victory is Our Business PtII – a collection of vintage WWII GM ads

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