50 Years of Gun Violence- R.I.P.

Vintage ad 1969 JFK, RFK, MLK

Keep Hope Alive

In July 1969, a full-page ad in the Sunday  NY Times posed a request to the American public: Hold onto this page for 1 year and hope and pray it ended.

The hopeful ad  appeared  one  year after the assassination of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, and 6 years after the shooting  of President John Kennedy.

The copy reads:  The trouble is hoping and praying isn’t enough Violence won’t end unless you’re willing to start the ending.

I have held onto to this yellowing page for 44 years; the hope for the end of gun violence  nearly extinguished.

Now on the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John Kennedy, its time to ask- if not now, when?

Copyright (©) 2013 Sally Edelstein All Rights Reserved

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  1. “Violence won’t end until you’re willing to start the ending.” When the murder of 20 children and six staff in their school doesn’t move America, what will? Thousands dead in 50 years by gun violence. Several Vietnams worth. Numbers bigger than many cities’ populations.


  2. Our culture of guns & violence still shapes us.


  3. Michael Smith

    These are the very reason civilians need guns. They should have everything that the police have.
    The list provided are all people killed by the real folks who brought us so many wars. And phony
    Terrorist incidents over the last two decades. you folks need to come to grips with what is happening to us as a nation. And the gnats that we choke in and the camels that we swallow. Check out rethink 911.org. for truth which is a movement of engineers and architects demanding a real investigation into the incidents that took place on September 11,2001. And check out the incidents that have recently taken place in Colorado, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. Try using your own powers of critical thinking and common sense. It’s all online. Unless you all are really trolls for the Fascist Statists.
    If you believe DHS, CIA, FBI, BATF, DEA,LEAA,NSA (the list of Federal Spooks has hardly been touched upon.) as well as state and local “law enforcement” are your friend, you really need a reality check. Check out copwatch.com as well related sites and maybe you will see that the Main Stream Media is nothing more than a shill for the 1’%ers. Look into owns the nations news media and get back with me. You two probably think that Bradley Manning, Christopher Snowden, Anonymous, and the Occupy Wall St. are all traitors on domestic terrorist organisations. In two or three years tops even the jugheads will all finally understand.


  4. Michael Smith

    Sorry for the Typo’s and omissions but I was in a hurry.


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